Ted McGrath’s Woodworking Plans And Blueprints Step By Step Download Instruction

Ted McGrath's 16,000 Easy To Follow DIY Woodworking Plang & Blueprnts
If you know about Ted’s Woodworking web site, most probably you’ve read about the amazing 16,000+ woodworking project plans and blueprints on Google. Anyone who is a fine woodwork or a carpentry enthusiast would feel like a kid in candy store on his web site.

According to the creator, Ted McGrath, who is a professional woodworker and educator, he spent more than 2 years looking online, read carpentry books and magazines in order to gather and compile all the plans in one location.

Check out the YouTube video showing how you can build your own wood furniture at home using the right tools and a good set of carpentry blueprints.

But how do you get hold of all the plans? Read on and this short step by step instruction will show you how to access Ted’s Woodworking download page.

Visiting Ted’s Woodworking Site – My First Impression

The first step you need to do is head over to Ted McGrath‘s main web site at www.tedswoodworking.com/. Take a moment to read the information on the page and learn what you’ll get from the package. When you are ready to buy Ted’s Woodworking plans, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the yellow “Add To Cart” button.

When you click on the button, it will take you to the Secured Payment Form. This is where you make your payment…imagine it is sort of like a checkout counter in a book store.

Secured Payment Page

There are 2 options available for you to make your payment. McGrath’s carpentry plans and blueprints are selling for a one-time payment of $67. You can choose to pay by using your credit card or your Paypal account. Personally, I find paying with Paypal is easier and faster because I do not have to type in my purchase information into the form.

When your online payment has been processed and approved, you will immediately be redirected to Ted’s Woodworking download page. This is where you’ll get to save all the plans into your computer. Since there are over 16,000 carpentry blueprints here, you would have to spend a couple of minutes downloading all the files.

Ted’s Woodworking Download Page

Remember, the project plans from McGrath are all in PDF file format. Meaning, you need to get a PDF file reader in order to view them. But don’t worry, PDF file reader programs are very common. You can download it for free online. Just do a quick search on Google and you’ll find them.

When you are still at the member’s page, take a look around and you’ll notice McGrath has prepared some bonus material for you. With your purchase, the bonuses you’ll get are:

  • Drawing / Computer Aided Design (CAD) software
  • 150 woodworking instructional videos
  • How to start a woodworking business guide
  • Additional woodworking and carpentry guides

Generally, the bonuses are good value for money and remember to download them into your computer also.

If you are a woodworking enthusiast and you have been looking for good carpentry project plans, I hope this short Ted’s Woodworking download instruction has been useful for you. Click on the link below to get your project plans from McGrath.

==> Click here to visit Ted’s Woodworking now!


  1. Robert Meserve

    I purchased Teds Woodworking and had to download files again but can not find down load site for VIP members. My member number is 936. Please send information on this web site. And make it easier to find.

  2. James J McMurtrie

    As stated in the above comments,I too am having trouble downloading files,cant find site for VIP members.Please send instructions on the proper way to access this site

  3. scubajim

    TedsWoodworking.com is a scam, most of the plans have no blueprints and barely have pictures of the finished product. Many of the plans are “harvested” from other website and the URL is imbedded in the plan and you can go to the URL directly and get the plan in better resolution for free in most cases…

    I tried to get my money back but there is no phone # and emails to customer support go un answered. If you order the Cd/DVD, it comes from Honk Kong so I suspect there is no ” Teds McGrath”, just an elorborate scheme…

  4. Macolm Bartlett

    I paid for your package on 15 Dec 2011 and have received my user ‘member 936′ but to date have not received any form of notification from yourselves as to when I can expect receipt of the package. Can you please assist in this matter.

    Malcolm Bartlett

    • Will

      Thank you for visiting my blog. For customer support, please visit the merchant customer support page at :


      Please have your Ted Woodworking program purchase receipt number ready.

  5. Edward Delaney

    Hello Brother Teds:

    I joined your site several weeks ago. but I too am having trouble finding Garage Plans to download, Which is the ONLY reason I joined your program in the first place.

    Pleas send me the proper informatin and the website URL to download these plans, details and Building Materials list that will be needed to build these buildings.

    So for your service had been of Absolutely No Benefit to me at all! Please
    give me the information I need to use your site and construction plans. Thank you.


    Edward Delaney

    • Will

      Hi Edward, if I am not mistaken, the garage plans are listed in the Cabin Plans category. Please check that out.

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